The History Of Tween Lakes Feed Solutions

Our History


A History of Tween Lakes Feed Solution, Tween Lakes is situated in the parkland area of Saskatchewan. The agricultural area is draped with a beautiful wilderness back drop. Many native wildlife species can be found in our countryside. Its this back drop that has given founder and coowner Dan Johnson the desire to be more intricately connected with the wildlife nutrition industry. As a born and raised farmer Dan and his brothers Andy and Tim have built a successful Grain operation. Moving into the 6thgeneration succession phase of the farm, increasing the footprint of the operation is important.

As a trophy hunter and a conservationist Dan has and will continue to seek out new opportunities to help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Gods beautiful back drop. With an increase in the bear population and an evergrowing deer herd the opportunity to try different feeding strategies was born. We have found that for proper bear targeting you need the bears to stay around long enough for proper Identification. Our oats cannot be taken away so easily so the bears stay around long enough for a trail camera to take thousands of pictures. It gives the data required to make an ethical hunt possible.

As Whitetail hunting continues to be the premium and most popular hunting tradition across Canada and the US finding a safe alternative to supplemental feeding is important. Whitetail deer in Saskatchewan are the largest subspecies of their kind as dominant males can reach 300Lbs. One of the factors is their adaptation to colder climates but also their access to accurate levels of protein-based diets. Over centuries they have evolved to be the trophies the hunting world is familiar with. Our peas contain the right ingredients all on the own with no additives at all. Simply stated our products make your experience in nature more fulfilling and truly more rewarding.